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Cosmetic Tattooing, Micro Pigmentation or Permanent Makeup is taking the beauty industry by storm. Gone are the days you have to apply eyeliner, lip liner or fill in unbalanced eyebrows that have no shape or density. Whether your brows need a small scar covered, a few hair strokes to fill a bald patch or a full ombre colour. Your needs will be accommodated by Gayle.

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Hair strokes or Micro-blading is a relatively new technique that is created using a Manual Hand Tool.

This technique is becoming very popular as people are opting for the fine results this procedure offers.

The pigment is implanted into the Basal Membrane which sits between the dermis and the epidermis of the skin. Therefore this treatment is classed as semi permanent and won’t last as long as normal machine produced eyebrows.

This technique softly enhances your look in a natural way.

Anyone just wanting to add a bit more volume to a particular area of their brow this method is ideal for that.

The only down side to this technique is it is semi permanent and its life is between 12 to 18 months. This is because the finest needles are used and the pigment will fade naturally over time.


Combination of shading and hair strokes for the brows. This method is for someone who really needs a reshape and has little or no hair left. The background shading does help consolidate the shape and the hair strokes coming through create a lovely natural look. This is slightly more permanent than micro-blading. This technique is done with both a machine and a hand tool.

eyebrows - ombre brows

Ombre Brows – This is the latest technique taking the world by storm. Not everyone is suitable to have their eyebrows micro bladed, older skin or an oilier skin are not ideal and the results will vary.

Therefore this ombre brow technique is suitable for these candidates and personally I think this style of brow is really outstanding. Not only can it give depth and shape it can also have a beautiful soft powder finish. To further create the perfect brow occasionally hair strokes are used particularly at the front of the brow to finish the look.

eyebrows - slow build brows

Slow Build Brow – This is for those gorgeous brows that are almost perfect but have a few gaps or lack a bit of height . Each Build or session is one hour and costs $150.00. Each build is reinforced before the second build takes place. Usually 2 or 3 sessions is only needed for that perfect look. A consultation will allow Gayle to determine whether you are a candidate for this style.

eyebrows - mist brows

Mist Brows – This is for the very scared and not wanting too much colour. It’s a mist of colour put into the existing brow creating more definition. Just through your existing brows. Mist does not create height or length it just creates more depth of colour throughout your existing brow. This style allows you to gain confidence with more colour and lasts up to 3 months – Cost is $150.00 per session

eyebrow maintenance

Maintenance for all the above procedures is the same.

You will be required to come back for a touch up 4-6 weeks after your initial procedure. This is where we check for balance within the healing process and adjust accordingly.

This is an important part of your eyebrow journey. We need the balance to be perfect for you.

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Eyeliner – Designer eyeliner for the top, subtle liners for both top and bottom will bring your eye to life while highlighting the colour of your eyes.


Cosmetic Lip Tattoo – Either liner alone or a blush effect which is the liner and muted colour descending down from the liner so you only need to wear gloss.

medical tattoo services

Medical SERVICES includes Scar Camouflage, Areola Reconstruction,
Scar Reduction and Hair Stipulation

Whether you are reconstructing an areola or putting colour and life back into faded areolas, you can look no further than Gayle to help you build your self confidence and give you the boost you are looking for.

Don’t put up with an unsightly scar anymore! Whether these scars are in your hair line, your eyebrows or on your face or body, they can be addressed by a combination of camouflage, scar micro needling to stimulate the production of fibroblasts and keratinocytes to build the damaged skin from within the dermal level. This service builds strength back into the area and helps the normal skin shine through.

Nervous – This is very common and often people take years to make up their mind. Take the guess work out, come and have a consultation with Gayle where she will create your perfect brows, recreate your lip line, define your eyes or create your areola matching the colour perfectly by measuring and applying temporary colour so you can see what the end result will look like. You can then show your family and friends before you go ahead with the treatment. The consultation does cost $50.00 . This cost will be taken off the treatment if you decide to go ahead .

Consultation and Tattooing can be done together or separately and a perfection visit after 4 weeks is needed to ensure the finished look is exactly what you are after. We can answer any questions you have or send you out a brochure on request. Don’t wait any longer, call us today and book in for this fantastic treatment!

Consultation includes a before and after shot so you can see for yourself the difference it makes. If its your eyebrows we are doing, they will be waxed and tinted if necessary to define what hair you actually have to work with, then measuring will take place to work out where your arch should be, how high it should be, where the tail should land and how long it should be. A defining brow pencil and powder will be used to finish off the desired look so we have balance to your perfect brow. You will be astounded at what the difference will be and the photos are proof that it can takes years off your look. These photos will be sent to your phone .

Already have old discoloured brows ?

Gayle is the expert in colour correction. Depending on the severity of the discoloration, I can mostly correct this with contrasting colour alone with anywhere from 1-3 sessions depending on your expected end result. In the event that colour cant be used to correct , then i would use a non laser tattoo removal system to draw unwanted colour from the skin . This is mainly used when the positioning of the brow is wrong and parts of the brow have to be removed physically to allow the end result to be suitable.

Non-Laser Tattoo Removal

Slight imperfections can often be covered up by a camouflage colour using clever techniques.

However sometimes people present with such bad jobs that there is no choice but to remove those tattoos.

The safest and most effective way to tackle these undesirable results are to remove and start again.

We have two non-laser tattoo methods we work with. One is with Lactic Acid and the other is with Saline solution. Both methods are extremely effective, however the Saline removal method is more favoured for the face.

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Gayle Smith has 35+ years experience in the beauty industry.

As a highly experienced dermal therapist specialist she looks forward to creating the look you desire.

Gayle is a member of:

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Global Member of the Cosmetic Tattoo Organisation

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